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Better paid job can be achieved by people who work hard

Better paid job

Better paid job in US: Know what’s best among them?

What better paid job that can pay you much?

According to Bureau of Statics’ of the United States occupational survey last 2004 there are about 25 professional jobs that pay higher. These jobs are actually categorized in five. These five categories are the following in random order.

  • Business as well as technology management position falls on the third position among the 25 jobs that pays the highest in the United States. The CEO or the Chief Executive Officers with the income of $140, 350 as the average raked as the 9th placer while the IT or Computer Information Technology managers as the 20th with the average compensation of $92,570 last 2004. Lastly, on this industry are the marketing managers as the 24th with the income of $87,640 annually is placed on the 24th highest paying jobs according to the survey.
  • Medical and dental experts are on top of the list of better paid job. These professional jobs ranked as the highest paying jobs in United States. The numbers one is the Anesthesiologists followed by internists then obstetricians and gynecologists as the number three. To continue, Oral surgeons on the fourth place and orthodontists falls on the fifth then prosthodontists as the sixth, Psychiatrists on the seventh then lastly surgeons on the eight of among the highest paying jobs listed on the survey last 2004. These professions listed here are on the top eight that are having the income of $145,600 US dollars (USD) or more than that. The family as well as general physicians has the annual salary last 2004 of $137,090 USD and these professions are listed on the 10th place on the survey followed by the pediatricians on the 11th with an income of $135,730 USD then dentists of $125,060 USD. The podiatrists on the 18th of $94,400 in 2004 then the optometrists of $88,410 as the average income yearly.
  • Airline and space on the other hand got the 12th, 14th, as well as the 16th place of among better paid job and the highest paying jobs that are listed on the survey last 2004. The airline pilots, copilots, and the airline engineers can earn as much as of $129,250 USD every year. In relation to this profession are the air traffic controllers which have the average income of $102,030. Moreover, astronomers have the income of $97,320.
  • Engineering and science jobs have four accounts under it that has gotten the places of four among the 25 better paid jobs in United States. These are the following:
  1. Engineering managers with a salary of $97,630 USD got the place of 0f 15th.
  2. Natural science managers with a salary of $88,660 got the place of 21st.
  3. Petroleum engineers with a salary of $88,500 got the place of 22nd.
  4. Physicist with a salary of 87,450 USD got the place of 25th.
  • Law and other related jobs fall on the 27th place and the 29th place on better paid job according to the survey last 2004. The average annual income of lawyers during this year is about 94,930 USD while the judges as well as magistrates can earn as much as $93,070 USD.

According to the survey, the jobs that can top the list and generally considered as the better paid job and highest paying jobs are those jobs that is an Actuary. Someone who works in actuary is someone who works in the industry of insurance then the one who carefully computes the rates. The rates must be in accordance to the probabilities that are duly based on statistical records. Moreover, this person should also know to consider some other factors that can affect the rates. Better paid job is very complicated and a person that is hardworking, dedicated, and very intelligent can surpass the standard. If you want to be an actuarial analyst you must get a degree for this and become an expert on your field. Of course, before you can actually reach the top you must go through a lot of experiences. Well, this applies to all jobs listed here and better paid job is not that hard to fins just as long as you know your resources.

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