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Jobs Search: Are they Visible?

Where can you find a job? They are actually everywhere. Jobs search are just around the corner.  All you need is to be keen enough in looking for the job that suits you.

With Degree United States, you can find jobs with the right degree we offer.  With the degree, you also get supporting documents.  What are these? Take a look at the table below.

Supporting DocumentsDescriptionSupporting Details and Specification
TranscriptA transcript (student grade report) is simply a student’s permanent academic record which records all courses taken, all grades received and degrees conferred to a student. An official transcript is prepared and sent by issuing school with an original signature of a school official.Fine A4 Paper with official University Logo and with security watermark feature (university logo monogram), Date Issued, Date Awarded Degree, Student Number, Student Address, Curriculum, Course of Study, Course Code of Each Course, Duration of Study, Grade of Each Courses, Credit of Each Courses, Degree Awarded, GPA (Grade Point Average), Accumulated over your period of study with letter grade from (A+ to F) and a numeric grade (from 1 out of 4), Stamp and signed by University Registrar, Back of Transcripts, List all grading criteria and method, Description of Grade and GPA, Seals in Official University Envelope with stamp
Student RecordStudent record can proof your graduation status. It contains your personal information, your finished date, your graduation date, your citizenship and signed by university official to proof that you graduate from university.Fine A4 Paper with official University, Logo letterhead, Student Name, Student Official Address, Date of Birth, Citizenship, Level of Degree, Major of Study, Study Period Finished, Graduation Date, Signed by University Registrar, Stamped by University Registrar, Sealed in Official University Envelope
Reference letter by 1st ProfessorA reference letter written by our professor to indicate your performance during your study. A reference letter is written in the official university letterhead and envelope.Study, Work, and Attitude Reference by Professor, Fine A4 Paper with official University Logo letterhead, Signed by Professor, Sealed in Official University Envelope
Reference letter by 2nd ProfessorIf the one reference letter is not enough, a second professor in the same major can write a reference letter to indicate your performance during your study.Study, Work, and Attitude Reference by Professor, Fine A4 Paper with official University Logo letterhead, Signed by Second Professor, Sealed in Official University Envelope
Reference letter by 3rd ProfessorYou might consider to have a third professor out of your major study to write a reference for you. It is good to write about your attitude and used as character reference or letter of recommendation.Study, Work, and Attitude Reference by Professor, Fine A4 Paper with official University Logo letterhead, Signed by Third Professor, Sealed in Official University Envelope
Acceptance letter (Admission Letter)This is the official acceptance letter when you get admission from the university. It will indicate your acceptance date and your accepted major.Fine A4 Paper with official University Logo letterhead, Acceptance Date (We will date back your study), Respond Date to the University (Official Reply Date), Message indicate your acceptance to the University and to your specific major of study, Signature by University Registrar
Graduation LetterGraduation letter is simply a piece of document that indicate your graduation study and you had joined the convocation date. This letter is simply signed by the Principal or Chancellor.Fine A4 Paper with official University, Logo letterhead, Student Name, Official Address, Graduation Date, Graduation Message from University Chancellor, Signature by University Chancellor
Appreciation LetterAppreciation letter is a piece of document written by a professor and indicate your community service, research or assistance to the school. This document is written by professor to appreciate your service to the university community.Fine A4 Paper with official University Logo letterhead, Thank you message for your research, Thank you message for your community service, Thank you message for helping the Faculty, Professor or some other Project (It will based on your major field of study), Signature by Professor
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Jobs search give lots of benefits to people who are unemployed.

jobs search

Jobs Search: The Perfect Guide of Finding Job

Looking for a perfect job nowadays is very impossible. This is because of too may factors that can affect it. Sometimes the job does not match your profile and most of time you tend to be under employed. In a situation such this, you must have to do the jobs search properly. There are some factors that you should consider here. Maybe you are lack of technique or strategy that’s why you tend to land on a job that is not your type or a job that does not match your skills as a worker. Searching for a job is a little distressing especially if you don’t actually know where and how to start. But for those people who overcome stress and try to be wiser as ever they open their computers and search for those job openings over internet. Good idea, right?

Ok, so how can you possibly do jobs search? Know the effective ways here.

  1. Have the initiative to submit your application letter and resume to the company you have listed wherein you want to work with. Most of the companies with job openings do not advertise that they are in need of additional employees. Sometimes, these companies post job openings on their bulletin boards or their hiring officer send emails to their current employees that the company is on the hiring process with the following positions.  When you work on with your make sure that you write and highlight your skills and what makes you different from other applicants. When you submit your application, address it directly to the HR outlining all your skills that can be of big help in order for you to get the job that you really wanted. Moreover, before you submit any document and CV, take time to research about the company’s profile. Through that you will know what skills and working experiences you need to highlight qualifications for jobs search.
  2.  Nowadays, competition is too close. Thus, when you think that your CV is a little bit thin and it’s not worth reading or your skills and educational background is not enough, then you should consider taking vocational courses. That will help you and make you a good start for the future. Taking additional education will not only benefit the company you consider to work with but your personal development as well. It will make you more confident than ever for your jobs search.
  3. Don’t just focus on one company. List all the possible companies you want to work with then apply. Search over internet, read newspaper, listen to radio job advertisement, and watch news on television. These will give you the job openings either in local or international if you want to work abroad.
  4. Customize your CV. When having a jobs search don’t just submit CV just for the sake of submitting. When you apply you must be dead serious and very passionate to get the job. Personalize your CV according to the company’s profile. Like if the company deals on construction industry then you highlight your work that is related to construction. Just for example you worked with the construction company before or any other skills related to the job description you have applied.
  5. Put reputable companies that you have worked with in the past that will serve as your references for your jobs search.  Don’t put names and companies that you have worked with in the past in which you had bad records.

Jobs search can either simple or complicated depending on you manage to do it. For some it’s easy because they have substantial working experiences and for others it’s complicated because of competition. However, by just simple following the tips here above you’ll know that jobs search is not that hard as you think it is.

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